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Launch Tech Culture
First, the business purpose

Technological innovation for the benefit of society.

As a business purpose, Yuan Zheng that "technological innovation for the benefit of society", its essence is the "technology" and technology-based "innovation", and thus contribute to the community for the benefit of society.

Innovation is the personal, corporate, national and even a source of human development, human society is in a little bit of innovation and progress. The value of individuals and groups to achieve in the process of innovation in the creation of sublimation. No innovative people and organizations are behind, destined to be eliminated. Launch a high degree of respect for so innovative, and as a corporate business purpose. Launch efforts to become the most innovative companies, innovative employees hope and innovation.

Innovation need not be an overnight success, but over time, to each passing day. Launch employees always want to be able to use their brains, to observe and think, careful, some ask why, do not imprison people in general and done.

Regardless of product design, manufacturing or sales, each link is very learned, has his own routine, but as long as we are innovative, ground thinking, we will find a new world!

Only through innovation will be valuable. A molecule as a social enterprise, the value to be created through social recognition, so that the enterprise Launch feedback and the ultimate goal is to benefit society. As selfish as individuals were excluded groups, the purpose of existence of the business is not just to make money, it will also be socially excluded. We are not only a return to shareholders and to make money, make money aimed at long-term survival, long-term survival in the business process to achieve the return to society, so our business purpose is "to benefit the society."

Launch from the valuable, healthy, long-term development focus, determine the technology-based innovation and business purposes to benefit society.

Second, the business policy
Self-management, steady development.

Launch the business policy of "self-management, steady development," the core idea is that self-management, and strive to healthy development.

Business enterprise is to rely on the so-called business is improving bit by bit, progress toward identified or pre-set goal. "Autonomous" is a very important business ideas, Yuan Zheng from the date of creation to adhere to this idea, Yuan Zheng want independent, autonomous operation and development, rather than relying on a business or a particular condition.

Launch the same time very seriously, "healthy development." Anyone can ask for the moon, overnight, business as well. Everything should be gradual, only to lay a solid foundation to long-term development. To achieve stability, at every step, it has a foundation for the development, rather than aggressive. Great cause and good business are from the start bit by bit, from small to large development.

Yuan Zheng hope its down to earth, diligently struggle to grow step by step, as a hundred years; also want employees to establish a "short step, a thousand miles," the pragmatic thinking, and meta-sign joint development.

Third, the corporate culture
People-oriented, efficiency first, quality as the key link, innovation is the soul.

People-oriented, is a meta-sign the essence of corporate culture. All employees, regardless of belief, culture, customs, nature of work, job, rank, years in equal Launch family.

Yuan Zheng stressed people-oriented, first of all require employees to respect the value of their own, only to get others to respect their own respect, only respect for themselves, to work seriously to achieve their duties to ensure the quality of the team; second is to respect others, respect for others language and behavior is not only respect, but also to respect other people's work, respect other people's ideas, I believe my colleagues, and thus give full play to the wisdom of others, to play a team the advantage.

Yuan Cheng, the company's core is the human, technical and material are serving others; each member within the enterprise, is an integral part of the enterprise; in this team, there is no high and low positions, only the division of labor. Yuan Zheng hope every member of the enterprise, is the job of the professional experts, marketers are marketing experts, technical staff are technical experts, expert cleaning staff is clean! We do not want companies like cocoon, like a set level, a layer of cover layer, the strongest highest office staff, the lowest person acting as the weakest capacity; we hope and believe that good business is good in all aspects The combination of personnel, as orchestra, each playing a symphony members are indispensable to the success of a member. We hope to Launch, all talents, the freedom to play to their strengths, for the enterprise and contribute to society.

People-oriented, is an ideological concept. Truly people-oriented, they will take their work seriously, and not muddle along, nothing to do with an armchair; or colleagues will forgive beginner mistakes, reduce the friction and prevarication, and more way to understand others; will have a better working environment and mood!

Efficiency first, that the act, she is an important principle Launch culture. Launch requirements focusing on efficiency, requiring employees to quickly and easily, a quality job done, and today things done today. In promoting efficiency, we also pay attention to the working methods to promote, we believe "simple is best" in the talks on the basis of simple efficiency. Launch advocating simple, advocates the complex things simple. And even the nature of things in the world of nature are simple, use simple language can be clear, whether the computer or the theory of Nobel winners.

Launch opposed to the simple things complicated, this is lower efficiency, in trouble. Launch on efficiency, not only refers to the specific work processes, and even decision-making, product development and improvement, interpersonal and so want to have efficiency; we wish to decide the matter should be immediately done, and doing the best possible; Do not be afraid mistakes, but mistakes continue to sum up; We want our employees have opinions and ideas should be timely, and not want to be able to realize higher by superiors or try to figure out their own ideas. Only in this way, we can work efficiently in order to have more time and energy to enjoy life, life will become more relaxed and happy.

Yuan Zheng also stressed, in particular about efficiency, not only to focus on results, but also should pay attention to the process, because the process represents a method, only the right way, will have good results. Launch encourage employees to use their brains more thinking to come up with new ways of working, the complex things simple and scientific.

Quality of work as the key link is the understanding of the process and results. Launch of the quality of life. LAUNCH asked whether internal or external, should have high quality. Launch is a perfectionist, never allow any slack, do not allow the next best thing.

Excellent quality is not measured in monetary terms, which reflects the business and internal management, staff quality and other aspects.

Launch want high quality work environment, quality of each report, each signature high-quality, high-quality cleaning service, high quality products! Yuan Zheng hope that the quality of the staff as his reputation, honor, self-esteem, are particular about the quality of each work, including participation in a meeting, fill out a form, weld a component, or even a smile.

Launch of quality related to the rise and fall and honor, the pursuit of quality is absolutely a goal of $ levy eternal.

Innovation is the soul, refers to the aggressive behavior. Launch of the business purpose is to technological innovation. Launch that the world is constantly changing, all the people and businesses are constantly changing, and in the process of change, successful companies know-how is never-ending, continuous innovation. People are successful because they can constantly adapt to new knowledge, new social, rather than be eliminated. Innovation is good, is the embodiment of wisdom, is strong behavior. Launch want employees to constantly sum up the past successes and failures, their talents, develop new ways to open up new horizons, to cause to a new level.

Launch the nature of corporate culture and the core is still the man. People-oriented, the core is how to deal with people; efficiency first, the core is how to deal with work; quality as the core is how to deal with the work process and results; innovation is the soul, the core is how the previous basis, that is efficient, based on the quality of the work, thus creating further be sublimated.

This is all based on "serious" word. Yuan Zheng require employees to be "serious", because the world is seriously afraid. Yuan Zheng require employees to serious work, serious study and serious life; can not do anything careless, whether it is developing a product or writing a notice, whether signed a major cooperation projects or write a small memo, to be seriously do. Only we do seriously, we do respect their while respecting others, in order to achieve a people-oriented, in order to make quality, made efficiently, will have the opportunity to better innovation!

Fourth, the core objective
Expand the global market, the creation of the world brand.

Launch of the target is ambitious, the company's core purpose is the world's automobile markets, the creation of world-class brand, a leading multinational companies.

Launch want steady business, the products and services to the world a place where the vehicle, with technological innovation and management innovation, customer trust. Yuan Zheng believes, after a staff unremitting efforts, some will be "Launch" into an international brand.