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“Cube” Project launched in UK

Author:刘劼   Creation date:2014-11-13  


“Cube” Project launched in UK

According to UK iTV NEWS reported on November 11thNew crime-fighting equipment piloted by Humberside Police will be unveiled at an event in Scunthorpe - ahead of it being rolled out across the UK.


Police forces from across the country have been heading to Scunthorpe where Humberside Police are leading the way in using new technology to investigate road accidents and major car crime.


Humberside is the first force to try out a so-called 'crash cube' which provides information about collisions and stolen vehicles almost instantly, and could transform the way investigations are carried out.

Senior Collision Investigation Officer and UK Project Lead at Humberside Police, John Rusted said: This is a pivotal development in which Interpol and the major vehicle manufacturers have come together to agree a device that can be used by law enforcement agencies to investigate serious or fatal road traffic incidents together with vehicle related serious crime.


Dubbed "the cube", it can glean information from cars involved in accidents - including speed and brake application at the point of collision.


Chief Inspector Roger Mitchell from the roads policing team at Humberside Police said: This advancement in technology provides an opportunity to become more effective and efficient in capturing and interpreting data.It will have a real impact on serious collision investigations as well as vehicle related crime.