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Automechanika Frankfurt Fair

Author:张桂云   Creation date:2012-10-10  

        One focus of this years Automechanika was the subject of digitization. As well as alternative
        networking technologies, in particular about the question of how the aftermarket can prepare on
        this trend in the future. The customer want access personal content that is stored somewhere in
        the cloud while driving. They want to retrieve the social media, surf on World Wide Web and
        simultaneously initiate the first steps in the case of a technical error.
        For us as workshop supplier equipment a great possiblity to tie on this trend. Needed are
        intelligent, software-based solutions for more efficient diagnosis. In the Automechanika we have
        presented some of our new products. Products that allow the driver access to internet, remote
        diagnosis and fault management like iCard, MD4myCar or the new X-431 PAD. Attached you
        will find some impressions of Automechanika 2012.